I’m back Y’all ;)

Well…I’m back! Both to the blogging world and back on my skates! I took a little break from both (no pun intended as the reason I was off my skates is because I broke my tailbone, yes, I broke my ass.) but now I’m back!

And with new hair! I’m liking the blue but I never know when I’ll get the itch to change it again.


I’ll start back with my “OOTD.” You’re going to be seeing me in a lot of dresses for a while, it’s freaking hot as hell in Tennessee this time of year. I acquired these items on the same Goodwill trip, I ended up a ton of dresses and shorts, which I needed. You never know what you’ll find and when at a thrift store.

Yellow Dress- Goodwill!

Vest- Goodwill! A size too small but it looks so damn cute I wear it anyways.

Shoes- No clue, I’ve had them forever!

In other news, I’ve been trying to get back in gear for derby and I found some great workout videos to help with agility and balance! Here’s my favorite so far:

It’s short but it WILL kick your ass. Whether you are a derby girl or not, it’s a fun, challenging workout to try! Go for it!!


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